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STEM TIPS is an online instructional coaching platform supporting teacher preparation programs and school districts in developing and retaining new STEM teachers.

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What is

STEM TIPS’ mobile-ready platform gives institutions or districts the ability to provide immediate and customized mentoring through multiple tiers of web-based support and resources, to enhance teacher practice, student achievement, and coaching capacity.


Pre-Service to Professional Support

Our mission is to provide a continuity of support via online access to a community of practice that is seeded during teacher-preparation programs and encouraged to grow throughout the critical years of teacher induction.

District Blended Induction Support

Blending the STEM TIPS virtual mentoring platform with existing district face-to-face coaching reduces the complications that distance and time present for quality mentoring.

Online Community of Practice

Quick TIPS: STEM teachers, students, mentors, and coaches share documents, links, and videos or ask questions, creating discussions accessible to the entire STEM TIPS Community.

Who is

With over 1000 teachers from 15 partner districts involved in field-testing the platform, the STEM TIPS Team is now ready to offer its platform and services to a broader audience of schools, districts, and higher education institutions in and beyond Florida.

New Members:

Networked Collaboration Groups

User-customized networks provide private or public virtual meeting places where group members can collaborate around specific content.

User customized networks are designed to provide a continuity of support as pre-service teachers, new teachers, mentors, professors, and administrators integrate university course work, new PD, or existing mentoring programs into daily practice.

Collections of High Quality Teacher Resources

All users have access to STEM TIPS Featured Collections, resources collected, organized, and vetted by veteran teachers. In addition, a filterable bank of both professionally vetted and teacher submitted resources are also available.

Confidential Coaching Panels

Your organization’s coaches or mentors appear on your private Coaching Panel and can be accessed as a group or individually. STEM TIPS Specialists appear on your coaching panel to provide both technical and instructional coaching support.

Integrated remote video observation capabilities are available using any iOS or Android mobile device.